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When they press the merge button, GitLab merges the code and creates a merge commit that makes this event easily visible later on. Merge requests always create a merge commit, even when the branch could be merged without one. This merge strategy is called “no fast-forward” in Git. Similar to references on merge requests, you can add references in commit messages. Further details are in documentation for GitLab Flow commit messages. git commit -m "Awesome commit message Fixes 21 and Closes group/otherproject22" Your colleague can provide line by line code review. Note: Linking your first commit to your issue is going to be relevant for tracking your process far ahead with GitLab Cycle Analytics. It will measure the time taken for planning the implementation of that issue, which is the time between creating an issue and making the first commit. Merge Request. GitLab releases; GitLab has been releasing on the 22nd of the month for the last 86 months straight! For a list of release posts including patch releases, please check the blog category releases. Future releases, and their important features, can be found on our upcoming releases page. 24/10/2018 · Typical message looks like: Merge branch ‘mass-refactoring’ into ‘master’ Mass refactoring See merge request group/project!13 Is it possible to change template to something like: ?.

02/07/2018 · Outside of using the GitLab UI to create a default template, GitLab also offers the option to create markdown files and make them part of a project’s repository. And, GitLab repositories can make use of single or multiple templates. In order for GitLab to recognize your templates and pre-populate merge request forms. After creating the new project, I pushed the.gitlab/issue_templates/.md and.gitlab/merge_request_templates/.md to the new created repository. Anyhow when I create new issue, there is no drop-down list displayed for those issue templates. On the other hand the new merge request display its template correctly. GitLab CE Mirror Please open new issues in our issue tracker on- gitlabhq/gitlabhq. gitlabhq /.gitlab / merge_request_templates / Fetching latest commit Cannot retrieve the latest commit at this time. Permalink. Type Name Latest commit message Commit time.

By adding a description template to your issues or merge requests,. Revert any commit or a single merge request from GitLab’s UI, with a click of a button. Documentation. Based on Git, a distributed VCS. Create a GitLab merge request from within the development panel of a JIRA issue. Merge Request Templates. 在 PM 與 QA 之後,Developer 也表達他覺得每次 Merge request 都要手動複製貼上固定的格式有點煩,既然 Issue 有 Templates,那麼 Merge Request 應該也能比照辦理吧? 沒錯,GitLab 也有 Merge Request Templates 的功能,使用方式也完全雷同。.

Start using Git on the command line GitLab.

Merge requests always create a merge commit even when the commit could be added without one. This merge strategy is called 'no fast-forward' in git. After the merge the feature branch is deleted since it is no longer needed, in GitLab this deletion is an option when merging. To Create Description Templates for GitLab Projects Description template is an option available on GitLab, which allows the users to define context specific templates for an issue. Also, they are used for merging request description fields for the projects. All job families must have Requirements, Responsibilites, Performance Indicators, and a Hiring Process. There is a template below that may be useful. Assign the Merge Request to your manager, executive leadership, and finally the CEO to merge also at-mention CEO in the job-family chat channel. Also, cc @gl-compensation for a compensation review. The available all listing argument conflicts with the python-gitlab argument. Use query_parameters to avoid the conflict:. Get the references the commit has been pushed to. commit. merge_requests Commit comments. Templates for applications and plugins. Copy HTTPS clone URL. Copy SSH clone URL git@:gstreamer/gst-template.git.

Start using Git on the command line. While GitLab has a powerful user interface, if you want to use Git itself, you will have to do so from the command line. If you want to start using Git and GitLab together, make sure that you have created and/or signed into an account on GitLab. Open a shell.Our team has made a custom gitlab merge request template, but it seems like it totally replaces the commit message as part of the merge request description. It would be nice for us to include the.Reset removes the commit while revert removes the changes but leaves the commit Revert is safer considering we can revert a revertChanged file git commit -am "bug introduced" git revert HEADNew commit created reverting changesNow we want to re apply the reverted commit git logtake hash from the revert commit git revert reverted commit is back new commit.Typical message looks like: Merge branch ‘mass-refactoring’ into ‘master’ Mass refactoring See merge request group/project!13 Is it possible to change template to something like: ? HEADER BODY Merge branch SRC_B.

Copy HTTPS clone URL. Copy SSH clone URL; Copy HTTPS clone URL Yes, there is. I could not find a way to remove the merge request in the user interface, but you can simply delete it from the database. Please note, that I only tested this on gitlab. Append issue template to existing descriptionWhat does this MR do? When selecting an issue template after entering a description, append the template and leave the original content intact. Copy HTTPS clone URL. Copy SSH clone URL; Copy HTTPS clone URL Gitlab CI templates. Copy HTTPS clone URL. Copy SSH clone URL git@:wayland/ci-templates.git.

How to change merge commit message.

Goal. This template is for creating links or URLs for the content of the version control repositories of the GitLab open source infrastructure. It is a subtemplate of the mastertemplate designed to be specific for the GitLab repositories. Merge branch 'doc-refactor-description-templates' into 'master' Refactor description templates documentationWhat are the relevant issue numbers? Gitlab tools mainly hooks to hopefully make life easier and commits cleaner. Not necessarily Gitlab specific.

  1. GitLab CI can detect the presence of redundant pipelines, and will cancel them automatically in order to conserve CI resources. When a user merges a merge request immediately within an ongoing merge train, the train will be reconstructed, as it will recreate the expected post-merge commit and pipeline.
  2. GitLab CI Config templates; Open source license templates. It deprecates these endpoints, which will be removed for API version 5. In addition to templates common to the entire instance, project-specific templates are also available from this API endpoint. Support will be added for Issue and Merge Request templates in a future release.
  3. Documentation for GitLab Community Edition, GitLab Enterprise Edition, Omnibus GitLab,. Style guide Documentation structure and template Process Site architecture Global navigation Monthly release process. Follow only the first parent commit upon seeing a merge commit. curl --header "PRIVATE-TOKEN.

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